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Our firm specializes in legal and accounting consultations for individuals and legal entities (Corporations, LLCs, LLPs, etc.)  Our team of experts have a proven track record representing our clients before the court. We leverage this experience to offer you practical solutions to all your legal needs.

Vladislav L. Varshavskiy
Managing Partner, member Jurist's association of Russia. Practical experience of ligitation since 2002. Vladislav worked in Auditing Companies, Lawyer's consulting, industrial enterprises. Specialization: arbitrations, foreign economic activity, customs and tax disputes, protection of property rights.
Vladlena S. Varshavskaya
Partner, Head of accounting and tax practice, Member of «Center for Financial Expertise» advisory council. Professional experience since 1996. During several years Vladlena was head of accounting, and then she became a head of financial departments in a big russian companies. Vladlena has a successful practical experience.