Chapaeva 5, Saint Petersburg
197046, Russia

About us. What we offer?

Varshavskiy and Partners Employees


Year of foundation: 2009.


We specialize and are among the best in the following areas of law:

- Tax Law and Tax Disputes

- Foreign economic activity

- Arbitration disputes  

We offer many of our services on a subscription (retainer) basis:

Contract-related services:

Legal expertise.



We will automatically represent your interests in the case of changes to the laws and regulations and make appropriate representations to relevant authorities:

We can negotiate with any of these authorities or entities on your behalf, if necessary. 

In short, there are many advantages to establishing a retainer contract relationship with our firm.  You will be getting a committed business partner as well as expert legal advice and services.  Retained service clients can expect or firm to:

We have many different clients who have hired us on a retained contract basis.  Some examples:

We would be happy to provide referrals for you. 

We sincerely want you to be our client and to be your legal partner!