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Practice in legal services.
Lawyers of the company "Warsaw and Partners" conduct professional legal, tax and accounting consultations for citizens and legal entities. Experts of different specialization have successful experience of doing business in courts. We are ready to offer you the solved practical problems, backed up by judicial practice.

Lawyers of our company can prepare a legal opinion on your issue. Legal opinion is a document that is created by a professional lawyer specializing in a particular branch of law. The legal opinion concerns a specific legal situation.

Legal advice is provided to citizens on:

  • family and divorce;
  • inheritance;
  • division of property;
  • collection of alimony;
  • housing and land;
  • protection of interests of equity holders, disputes with developers;
  • protection of the interests of owners of HOAs, disputes with HOAs and management companies;
  • protection of consumer rights;
  • protection of employee rights (labor law);
  • protection of rights under civil law contracts, loan agreements with the bank, mortgage agreements;
  •  examination of contracts;
  • drafting of marriage contracts and agreements on the payment of alimony;
  • tax disputes;
  • representation of interests in recovery of damages in court;
  • disputes with the insurance company;
  • judicial protection.

Legal advice for legal entities on:

  • creation and organization of business;
  • creation and organization of business by a person who does not have Russian citizenship;
  • liquidation and bankruptcy of business;
  • registration of reorganization, branches, separate subdivisions and amendments to constituent documents;
  • inheritance of a business or a stake in it;
  • purchase and sale of business;
  • property disputes and collection of accounts receivable;
  • adjustment of customs value and other disputes with customs;
  • peculiarities of conducting foreign trade activities and currency control;
  • work with trade union organizations;
  • labor disputes;
  • tax disputes;
  • judicial protection.


     Vladislav Leonidovich Varshavsky

     Managing Partner, Head of  Dispute Resolution Practice

     +7 812 339 229 8




     Vladlena S. Varshavskaya. Senior Partner

     Head of  Tax and Administrative Practice

     +7 812 339 229 8 




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