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Each life situation is unique. Without proper legal training, it is difficult to know which laws apply to particular life situations.   This is especially true with inheritance.  It is a complicated process with many pitfalls for individuals with no legal experience.   For example, one can inherit both assets and debts.  You need a legal plan that is custom made for your own inheritance situation.

We offer a variety of services:

Consultations on inheritance:


  • Legal aspects and rules of inheritance;
  • Understanding a will; accepting an inheritance (legacy); legalization of inheritance (inheritance legalization);
  • inheritance by right of submission; by an order of hereditary transmission;
  • a consultation about the right of succession;
  • determining the proper heir for an apartment
  • Determination of a circle of successors;
  • Consultations on speciality of inheritance of different kinds of assets and property, including real estate, shares of businesses or stock in companies.
  • Consultations about property inheritance by entities (a succession by a will of an antecessor to entity)
  • Inheritance of unauthorized buildings;
  • Inheritance of vehicles and other kind of property, given by the government on preferential terms.
  • Payoff of inherited pensionary savings which were calculated on pensionary account of accumulative part of labour pension.
  • Courtroom representation and protection of your rights and interests in case of inheritance disputes;
  • A declaration of other people as unworthy successors.
  • Establishment of the fact of acceptance of inheritance;
  • Establishment of the fact of relationship, being on maintenance;
  • A recovery of period (term) of acceptance of inheritance;
  • Declaration of a will as illegal (invalid);
  • Division of inherited property;
  • A determination of matrimonial share of inherited property;
  • An appeal of actions and decisions of a notary in his conduction of an inheritance affair;


A representation of rights and interests of our customer in notary offices and other organizations regarding matters of inheritance legalization (forming of inheritance).

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