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Legal business support


With a view to you wellbeing we ensure your success and protection of your assets.

In client work we are committed to proportionality of the options offered by the company to the tasks set by the client.

Legal assistance is required from the moment business partners decide to join efforts until implementation of the project.

At every stage of business development legal company ««Varshavskiy & partners» provides with legal support on important issues including corporate management,  tax consulting, contract work, competition legislation, labor and employment law, etc.

Providing with business support we get involved in special aspects of a particular client business as a life form. The experience of working with businesses of various branches enable us to offer new approaches and fresh ideas in settlement of a particular business task.

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What can we help with


  • Preparation of documents for business creation
  • Support of investment management
  • Participation in preparation and implementation of corporate procedures
  • Checking on clean title to deals and assets
  • Settlement of disputes between business partners
  • User business maintenance
  • Government cooperation
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Our competence is quite enough in case of


  • Violent competition at the market
  • Necessity for attracting finance
  • Attention of tax authorities to the counterparties with whom your business operates
  • Corporate raids
  • Necessity for protection of assets
  • Investment Support
  • Necessity to structure the business
  • Business expansion in other regions
  • Required register  procedures in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities
  • Business setting up in other countries
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Frequent questions

In Russia, investments come within the purview of the Federal Law № 39-FZ “On Investment Activities…”. First of all it is necessary to have investment contract which will include terms and conditions of investment project. But the main and quite important fact for both Investor and Investment Object is the question of exit of investment and money withdrawal.

The main risk arising at sale of business is about obtaining cash in a time limit specified in sales contract. For this purpose, these contracts must use some legal methods for protection and security. Practice has shown that an additional lever is always helpful even if nothing has meant troubles. Another point of such contracts lay in the tax consequences for the seller.

When setting up a legal entity, a mistake is often made in determining size of ownership interests.  Such proportion in shares makes it impossible to run the business and gain profit for partners. A perfect choice would be to come to agreement and buy out a share from one of the partners. Upon failure to manage this variant it is necessary to appeal to a court with the request to exclude the partner from business on reasonable grounds, or to exit from membership of the legal entity with the request to pay out real cost of the share.

The situation with the spread of coronavirus infection has shown that when compiling a contract one has to focus on the condition of force majeure. The appearance of force majeure and its confirmation will allow the breaching Party to avoid liability for breaching the contract, for example, not to pay penalty.

You need to constantly keep track of the financial condition of your business partners. In case your client has not paid for supplied goods and has declared bankruptcy, you have to apply to the court of arbitration to apply for including claims against the client in the register of creditors’ claims.


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