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Resolution of legal disputes. Protection of interests in court.

We protect the interests of large, medium and small businesses, regardless of their industry affiliation.

The measures developed by lawyers are of an individual nature and allow achieving the necessary result at each stage of resolving a conflict or legal dispute.

Before applying to a court or arbitration court, we take all possible measures for pre-trial settlement of the dispute: we conduct negotiations, carry out correspondence, and conduct claims work.

Varshavsky & partners is one of the top three regional law firms in Russia in terms of results in court; the firm is recognized by colleagues on the shop floor, and one of the oldest American legal ratings” BestLawyers “noted the firm’s managing partner as the best lawyer for resolving disputes in court.

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What can we help you with


  • Eliminate or minimize losses from conflict in the event of litigation
  • Prevent or minimize reputational risks
  • Speed up the execution of a court decision
  • Enforce a foreign court’s decision
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Why should you apply for legal assistance to our company?


  • We identify problem areas in the client’s business that may lead to a legal dispute
  • We form the evidence base in case of a legal dispute
  • We analyze the risk of turning an ordinary financial and economic operation into a legal dispute
  • We carry out pre-trial settlement of disputes, including conducting claims work
  • We provide legal representation in any instance and at any stage of the trial
  • We execute the court’s decision
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Frequent questions

This is the period established by law for the protection of rights and interests in court. There are several types of deadlines. The total term is 3 years from the moment when the person became aware that his rights were violated. But there are also special periods of limitation, which can be shorter than the General period of limitation, or longer.

The cost of applying to the court is determined by the amount of the state fee to be paid. For example, the state fee to the arbitration court depends on the price of the claim and can range from 2,000 to 200,000 rubles. The total amount of court expenses is also affected by the cost of legal services. It should be taken into account that the losing party pays in addition to the amount collected by the court, the state fee, and also reimburses the cost of services of a lawyer who was attracted by the second party.

A citizen has the right to refuse to give evidence, for example, in the following cases: against himself; spouse against spouse, children, including adopted children, against parents, adoptive parents, parents, adoptive parents against children, including adopted children; brothers and sisters against each other, grandparents against grandchildren and grandchildren against grandparents.

People of certain professions, such as clergy, deputies, and judges, cannot be questioned as witnesses.

If the appeal period is not missed, it is sometimes very important to appeal a court decision. In the appeal, with rare exceptions, your case will be considered not by one judge, but by three. Thus, the decisions of a higher court are often more balanced and justified.

It is extremely rare for debtors to voluntarily comply with court decisions. To enforce a court decision, you must apply to the court for a writ of execution. After receiving the writ of execution, you can apply to the bailiff service or directly to the Bank. In the case of recovery of alimony, it is possible to apply directly to the employer of the debtor.


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