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Varshavskiy Vladislav

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Владлена Варшавская налоговый юрист по налоговому сопровождению и консультированию.

Varshavskaya Vladlena

Senior partner


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Developmental history of the company

The history of «Varshavsky & partners» started in 2009, when Vladislav Varshavsky and Vladlena Varshavskaya left the companies they worked in.
As early as in the initial years of the partnership among the company’s clients were major international transport companies, foreign producers of sporting goods, the largest tea factory in Russia, a large aluminum producer, a foreign producer of plumbing equipment, the world's major producer of agricultural products.

Increase of circle of clients

Involving principally highly skilled specialists the company has achieved top results, professional and public recognition.
By the 2010 the circle of clients included such companies as Intersport CIS and Goodpri OY.

  • In 2011, Orimi Trade LLC became the company’s client.
  • In 2012 CJSC "Dielektric", LLC "Delta-Sport", LLC "Aldevent" became the company’s clients.
  • In 2013 American holding Cargill, represented by its Russian representative office joined the company’s list of clients.
  • In 2014 "PNTK "SUPROTEK" LLC widened the company’s list of clients.
  • In 2015 the number of the company's clients was increased by: PJSC "Dmitrov pilot plant of aluminum and combined ribbon", LLC "Gas Region Invest".

  • Reaching a new level

    National rating "Pravo.ru-300" noted «Varshavsky & partners» as one of the leaders of the legal market in 2015-2019.

    Continuing success

    In 2017 our company organized the International Forum "LEGAL GATES", getting together the best world experts in international business activity. The event was one of the 5 key export events in Russia.

    We still have a long way to go

    According to the results of 2019, the company was recognized as a leader in such law branches as "Tax Law and Tax Disputes," "international business activity / Currency Regulation", "Arbitration Proceedings", «Litigation».

    "Efficiency and high level of organization of employees"

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    Free consultation

    The law is a complex issue. This can cause you big problems. Let us help you!

      About us. What we offer?

      Varshavskiy and Partners Employees


      Year of foundation: 2009.


      We specialize and are among the best in the following areas of law:

      – Tax Law and Tax Disputes

      – Foreign economic activity

      – Arbitration disputes  

      We offer many of our services on a subscription (retainer) basis:

      Contract-related services:

      • Creation of contracts, agreements, internal documentation and other documents as necessary.
      • Creating a base strategy for every contract negotiation
      • Negotiation of all terms and conditions of a contract – financial and legal – including liability, severability and conflict resolution.
      • Consultation on related matters:
      • Labour law
      • Civil law and economic law
      • Custom house law

      Legal expertise.

      • Preparation of expert opinions on matters of corporate law
      • Offer our expert legal opinion concerning all legal documents


      • help with preparing claims to debtors-contractors;
      • composing letters for claims or denials
      • coordinating complaints to the proper state public authorities and/or commercial (private) organizations
      • Debt collection
      • Mediation of claims and debts


      • Monitoring and alerting our clients to relevant legislative and administrative changes

      We will automatically represent your interests in the case of changes to the laws and regulations and make appropriate representations to relevant authorities:

      • Public authorities  (state government);
      • Professional establishments and organizations;
      • Local officials;
      • Individual persons and entities
      • Insurance companies

      We can negotiate with any of these authorities or entities on your behalf, if necessary. 

      In short, there are many advantages to establishing a retainer contract relationship with our firm.  You will be getting a committed business partner as well as expert legal advice and services.  Retained service clients can expect or firm to:

      • Protect the interests and reputation of our clients as we would our own
      • Complete confidentiality
      • Confidential, secure document and data storage
      • Prompt and efficient problem solving
      • Our promise to use all our resources to make good on our commitments to you
      • As a retained services client you have access to our entire team for whatever your needs may be
      • Compared to hiring in-house counsel, we are much more cost effective
      • As your legal counsel, we are always available.  We will always stay in touch with you, never get a cold, have to be fired, or be on vacation!
      • As a retainer contract client you receive a 20% discount on legal services that are not included in the contract

      We have many different clients who have hired us on a retained contract basis.  Some examples:

      • Multinational investment businesses and partnerships
      • Construction companies
      • Business organizations
      • Restaurants
      • Medical organizations
      • Jewelry companies
      • Technology companies
      • Retail businesses
      • Manufacturers
      • Business centers

      We would be happy to provide referrals for you. 

      We sincerely want you to be our client and to be your legal partner!