Foreign trade

We can help you with your Multinational business deal in a variety of ways:

  • Help you to negotiate the contract; including all economic and legal terms and conditions
  • Verify that the terms and conditions are consistent with the local law
  • Evaluate tax risk and custom-house risk and then work with you to minimize those risks
  • Translate English language documents into Russian
  • Represent and protect the interests of all deal participants with custom-house officials of Russian Federation;
  • Represent the economic interests of our deal partners with custom brokers
  • Contest any unlawful actions of custom house officials including filing suit against them
  • Contest any negative customs value correction of goods by the custom board of the Russian Federation; defend the custom value you have declared for your goods
  • Collect indemnification for material losses due to custom house error
  • Represent and protect the interests of all parties in administrative matters which are connected with transference of goods through the custom board of the  Russian Federation.

We offer a complete array of negotiation services. Our team can help you in every phase of the negotiation process:

  • Create and provide a full legal review of all deal documents
  • Formulate a negotiation strategy with you to minimize any negative result
  • Accompany you during negotiations to ensure that you get the best possible outcome