Arbitration disputes 

Arbitration disputes are one of the key areas of the firm’s work.

Pleading a case on economic disputes in an arbitration court includes:

  • familiarization of the arbitration lawyer with the documents and their evaluation;
  • legal due diligence and assessment of the proceeding prospects;
  • advisory service forclients on the search of evidence required for court;
  • forming of evidence base;
  • development of tactics and strategies for pleading an arbitration case;
  • drafting and filing of a legal claim or a defence statement with the provision of evidence that justifies the client’s position;
  • protection of interests in court, participation in court hearings.

 Our advantages:


  • we are ready to participate in the arbitration dispute at any stage: from the pre-trial settlement to the appeal of an already passed court order;
  • we will explain to You the order of further actions to achieve the necessary result, we will keep You informed and guarantee transparent and confidential relations;
  • we have recommendations from well-known and large companies;
  • the law firm guarantees a high competence level of the experts performing the client’s task.

 Our firm is engaged in the settlement of arbitration disputes in the following case types:

  • collection of receivables in a judicial proceeding;
  • corporate disputes;
  • disputes from supply contracts;
  • disputes from work contracts, including construction contracts;
  • insurance disputes; 
  • disputes from contract of residential and non-residential lease;
  • collection of debts under paid service agreements;
  • disputes on the property rights, including real estate title;
  • disputes related to unjust enrichment;
  • compensation for losses, including the loss of benefit;
  • protection of creditors / debtors in bankruptcy procedures;
  • collection of penalties, interest for the use of other people’s money;
  • collection of debts from debtors and guarantors;
  • customs disputes;
  • tax disputes.

Mediative procedures:

Before sending the case to the court, the arbitration lawyer takes all possible measures to settle the arbitration dispute amicably:

  • claims are forwarded to the other party;
  • necessary negotiations are conducted;
  • a settlement agreement is developed together with the client, and offered to the other party.  


The high qualification of arbitration lawyers of the firm is confirmed by the ratings of Pravo.Ru-300 2015, 2016, 2017 and won cases.