Customs disputes. Appealing of decisions and actions of customs authorities.

The “Varshavskiy and Partners” law firm has developed a fruitful practice on the issues of appealing against the actions and inactions of customs authorities, as well as the contestation and return of the adjustment of customs value.

The main problem arising during customs clearance of goods is usually related to the definition and acceptance by the customs authority of the declared customs value, which is the basis for calculating customs payments. As a rule, the importers of goods have to deal with adjustments of customs value at the discretion of the customs authority. The customs authorities do not agree with the value of goods declared by the customs declarant, and adjust it upwards. In most cases, the amount of additional customs payments is 10-40% of the initially paid customs payments. Therefore, the amount of customs payments significantly increases.

The process of proving and substantiating of the declared customs value is long and rather complicated.

That is why a growing number of companies engaged in international business activity prefer to seek assistance in the law firms specializing in customs legislation, to settle customs disputes and prevent them.      

Assistance of a lawyer in customs disputes

The practical experience of our experts allows us to effectively and at minimum expense protect the violated rights of the clients:

  • to prove the declared customs value by all legal means available to the lawyer ;
  • not to admit the writing off of additional customs payments, or within the shortest possible time to make the return of customs payments to the client.

We know the recent trends in the field of customs disputes, and the practical experience allows us to provide qualified and effective assistance in upholding our clients’ interests in relations with customs authorities. This concerns the issues of the customs value calculation and other issues related to customs clearance.

The cost of services for disputing and returning the KTC is set individually, on a negotiable basis, there is a different payment system for the customs dispute services for the Clients.


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