Debt collection

As a rule, the basis for collecting debts is the failure of one of the parties to comply with the contract concerning the payment for the goods delivered, the work performed or the services rendered.

Companies not wanting to spend money on professional legal support in collecting debt under the contract, undertake the task on their own and receive an unsatisfactory result: the claims are rejected, and the successful party recovers the legal expenses for the lawyer.

As a rule, the reason is: the unwillingness of the debtor to pay entails disputes in the court session, it may be a dispute that the works under the contract were not actually performed, and if they were, then with improper quality, the debtor was given the goods of substandard quality, and so on. The way out:  the creditor really needs qualified legal assistance.


The assistance of a lawyer during the process of collecting debts in court

Legal work in debt collection cases, a correct determination of the factual circumstances of the case, collection of evidence base, consolidation of the results received.

At the preliminary stage, the lawyer checks the documents available to the credit institution. Identifies gaps and helps to eliminate them or minimizes the risk if it is not possible. The lawyer develops a behaviour strategy, considers all possible options for the development of the situation, chooses the lender’s conduct line at this stage.


As part of the debt collection service in the arbitration court, we carry out:

  • the initial assessment of the situation;
  • the collection, verification and preparation of the documents required for the correct and prompt resolution of the disputable situation;
  • the claim settlement;
  • the negotiations with a counterparty at the pre-trial stage;
  • preparing and filing of a legal claim;
  • the assistance in the application of interim measures to the adjudication on the merits;
  • pleading a case at all stages and in all instances;
  • supporting the enforcement proceedings.

Our firm provides the service of pre-trial settlement of dispute, its effectiveness is confirmed by the practical achievements of our experts.