Employment and labour law and personnel records

  • It is the personnel records that any company or self-employed entrepreneur having employees, should keep for 75 years.
  • The list of required documents on personnel records for inspection by the Labour Inspectorate includes more than 80 items.
  •  96% of disputes with employees are due to irregularities in the executing of personnel and labour documents, and 98% of disputes are won by the employees, since the Labour Code is more loyal to them than to the employer.

The personnel outsourcing from LLC “Varshavsky and Partners” helps to be among the privileged 2% and keep the records in order, reduce the risk of disputes with employees and labour inspectorates:

Establishing the personnel records from scratch

Personnel records management:

  • Labour contracts;
  • Additional agreements to the labour contracts (if required);
  • Internal work regulations;       
  • Regulations on wages;
  • Regulations on the personal data protection;    
  • Regulations on business trips;
  • Employee personal record forms;
  • Job descriptions;
  • Personnel order;
  • Order on work on weekends and holidays;
  • Order on holidays;
  • Order on business trips;
  • Order on benefits;
  • Order on penalties;
  • Leave schedules;
  • Work schedule;
  • Time sheet;
  • Personnel schedule;
  • Work record books;
  • Work record books movement registration book.

Development of local regulations

Development of a compensation and benefit system

Development of regulations on labour protection

Restoration of personnel records

Protection of interests in court