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Insurance disputes

‘The main task of insurance is to turn physically destroyed property into economically indestructible one and to make capital value indestructible in spite of its ‘self-destruction’ – a famous Russian economist Antonovich A. wrote (1848-1917). 

If your insured property is destroyed, you have to file a claim with your insurance company.  Unfortunately, insurance companies, while they are great at taking your money, they are reluctant to pay your claim.  The most frequent complaint about insurance companies is that they deliberately make the claims process long and difficult.  Insurance companies routinely pay late, underpay, or simply refuse to pay anything on valid claims.

Insurance companies will settle claims much quicker if you have legal representation. They want to avoid getting sued and going to court.  We have a formula for negotiating with insurance companies that saves you time and money in most cases.  Our formula is as follows:

  • First we try to negotiate with the insurance company before we file suit;  we work with you to create a reasonable and fair offer and present it to the insurance company on your behalf
  • We organize and present proof of your loss and, when necessary, get expert opinions on the value of your loss
  • We file an official complaint with the Federal Service of Insurance Supervision

In most cases, insurance companies will negotiate a reasonable settlement out of court.  If they refuse, we are fully prepared to file suit against the company and represent your interests in court.  Remember, if we do go to court, the insurance company will have to pay not only our reasonable claim request but also any and all expenses we incur.