Judicial protection

The main types of judicial disputes in which we provide legal assistance:

  • debt collection,
  • economic disputes arising from work contracts, supply contracts, lease agreements, contracts for carriage, etc. 
  • disputes with tax and customs authorities,
  • cases related to the verification activities by regulatory authorities,
  • cases of administrative offenses,
  • property rights protection,
  • disputes on the declaration of title,
  • civil, corporate, labour disputes,
  • return of driving license.

If You chose us, professional and successful protection of Your interests is guaranteed:

  • The experts of our firm have obtained a fruitful experience of pleading the cases in court, which allows to protect Your interests at a highest possible level both at the pre-trial stage of dispute settlement and in court.
  • In the period from 2009 to 2018 our law firm pleaded more than 800 cases of different types in arbitration courts, courts of general jurisdiction and magistrate courts.
  • Moreover, the cases concerning whether the plaintiff representation, or the defendant’s rights protection were settled.