Private clients

We provide:

  • competent and comprehensive approach;
  • correct ratio;
  • as hard as possible to protect your interests.

Rendered services for individuals:

family law

  • dispute about divorce (divorce);
  • property division;
  • alimentary obligations;
  • determining the place of residence of children;
  • the order of communication with children;
  • the establishment of paternity or its challenge;
  • custody of children.

inheritance law

  • inheritance by law;
  • inheritance by will; acceptance of inheritance; registration of the inheritance;
  • inheritance by right of representation; in the order of hereditary trasmission;
  • representation of interests in court on the issue of inheritance

consumer rights Protection

  • disputes with the developer;
  • violation of the rights of the buyer;
  • poor-quality provision of services;
  • In the work we focus on the result.

We adhere to the principle that work on these categories of cases should be based on:

  • high professionalism;
  • ability to communicate the essence of the dispute to the client;
  • the ability to develop an acceptable solution for the parties, taking into account the interests of children;
  • conviction of the parties to the dispute in the need to develop and accept a settlement agreement.

By securing the support of the law firm “Warsaw and Partners” you can count on both a favorable outcome of the case and on qualified support in the process of enforcing a judicial decision (enforcement proceedings). We help in the most difficult family situations.

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