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Very often a former spouse believes that if the marriage is dissolved and the child is left with its mother, it’s not necessary to pay alimony or child support.  Moral issues aside, there are legal requirements for both spouses. Russian Family Law holds that each parent has equal rights and responsibilities to their children,  regardless if they are married or divorced.

The primary responsibility is financial, to ensure the child or children are provided for.

If your ex-spouse does not provide adequate financial support for your common underage child, our laws give you the right to petition to the court to collect alimony. 

If the petition is not written properly, the courts will reject it and you will not be able to collect alimony.  The petition is very complex and difficult to write properly if you lack legal expertise.  We highly recommend that you have our specialists create a correct and proper alimony collection writ for you.

We create all necessary documents including:

  • Birth certificate
  • Forms 7 and 9 (they show size of living space, where and with whom a child lives).
  • Summary of the defendant’s obligations.

General Alimony Guidelines:

  1. For one child, alimony is one fourth of salary or income . For two children, one third of salary or income.  For three or more children, one half of salary or income.
  2. If a former spouse doesn’t have a steady income, you have the right to petition the court to grant a fixed sum for alimony. The fixed sum should be valid and justified.

In order to apply for a fixed sum of money it’s necessary to get official confirmation that your former spouse doesn’t have a steady job and salary or other income.  State public authorities must validate the financial status of your spouse for you.

We are happy to give you a free preliminary alimony consultation. We will study your issue and create an action plan.  We can definitely help you!