Taxes and customs

The tax practices realized by our company are recognized as the leader among similar law firms and legal practices in the Northwestern Federal District rating

Chief executive of tax and administration practices Vladlena Varshavskaya, Senior Partner       +7 812 339 229 8

List of services:

Legal defense during tax audits realized by the Federal Tax Service

  1. Legal defense during the pre-inspection analysis and control
  2. Legal defense during inspections

Tax audit

  1. Tax structuring and compliance
  2. Identification of risks concerning interdependence of legal entities
  3. Protection of assets at the recovery of property
  4. Tax records of foreign economic activities

Tax disputes

  1. Appeal against tax audit reports
  2. Appeal in a higher tax authority
  3. Protection of interests through legal proceedings


  1. Independent economic investigation
  2. Investigation to identify and prevent tax risks
  3. Protection of assets against financial crimes

The form of work provides for several options subject to your needs:

  • an hourly rate based on the time spent;
  • a fixed price during project works;
  • customer support.

Scope of activities in tax practices:

When developing tax practices:

  • we perform a tax analysis of activities to identify and assess tax risks;
  • we compose a legal opinion concerning minimization of tax risks;
  • we analyze the compliance with current laws and latest positions of courts;
  • we perform a due diligence;
  • we develop in-company compliance provisions concerning due diligence when choosing contractors.

When realizing tax audits:

  • we accompany the client both in the office and at the field audit. This way we protect interests during the tax audit, thus reducing adverse effects;
  • we prepare responses to requests made by tax authorities during office audits;
  • we appeal against audit results;
  • we prepare pleas against reports made by tax authorities
  • we preform legal representation

We provide advice and representation:

  • we consult individuals and legal entities on tax matters;
  • we make legal findings concerning application of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation;
  • we represent interests of our clients in government agencies;

We make a simulation study to prevent:

  • controlled transactions;
  • invalid and (or) void transactions;
  • consultations within controlled foreign companies;
  • consultations within procedures for avoiding double taxation;

When working with our clients:

  • we execute a full fiscal accounting of companies and private entrepreneurs on a legal support basis;
  • we undertake work with the Tax Inspectorate, the Pension Fund, the Social Insurance Fund, the Labour Inspection and the Statistical Authority: