Tax disputes

The tax practices realized by our company are recognized as the leader among similar law firms and legal practices in the Northwestern Federal District rating


Disputes with tax authorities are the most serious disputes of any corporate entities and require lawyers having knowledge of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation and Accounting Regulations with both Russian and international standards.

Our niche specialization in tax and administrative laws gives us an absolute advantage as compared with interdisciplinary lawyers.

Company executives look for protection of their interests in tax disputes because tax authorities do not always execute their obligations in good faith and try to enforce as many payments as possible.

For many years our company has been helping to appeal both administratively and judicially against actions or omissions, as well as decisions made by tax authorities.

Our company successfully protects interests of our clients seeking to a favourable court decision. 

Lawyers can intervene in a court case at different stages, but a favourable result can be easily achieved if we involve our tax lawyer (in tax disputes) at the origin or during the field tax audit.

Our employees are professionals with a niche specialization in such fields as foreign economic activities, VAT, income, payroll taxes, withholding tax, property tax, and it allows to competently support business and individuals and obtain a result the Client desires.

Our company performs legal representation to protect interests. The protection of the Client’s interests includes the following services:

  • Assessment of judicial perspectives in a future dispute;
  • Challenging regulations and rulings of tax authorities, the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, the Social Insurance Fund;
  • Challenging an exchange control over foreign economic activities;
  • Challenging a reduction of the input value added tax;
  • Challenging a repayment of the export value added tax;
  • Challenging an additional VAT;
  • Challenging an additional corporate income tax;
  • Challenging an additional import VAT;
  • Challenging an additional withholding tax;
  • Challenging additional insurance payments;
  • Challenging an additional property tax

The case numbers are provided upon official request. 

Personnel of tax practices and practices in dispute settlement of the “Varshavsky & Partners” law company have decades of experience in the taxation field. Since 2001 the value of cases won in favour of taxpayers has exceeded EUR 220 million as of 2017.