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Certain business activities, such as construction, engineering and surveying are closely regulated by the Russian government. If you plan to open a business engaged in these activities in Russia, the business must join the appropriate Self-Regulating Organization (SRO).  With SRO membership, businesses are able to operate legally in Russia.

Self-Regulating Organizations (SRO) replace licensing.  This change was made to achieve two important objectives:

  1. To improve the quality of services rendered.  By empowering  a professional organization, there is less bureaucracy and better regulation and oversight. 
  2. To establish consistent standards for all members and projects.  SROs offer support services and guidelines to improve standards for all of the member companies. 

The process of obtaining SRO membership depends on the kind of activity your company is planning.

Entry into an SRO is possible if your company fits the following requirements:

  • Business is the required size
  • Proof exists of the appropriate professional expertise
  • Required documents are completed fully and correctly
  • SRO dues and fees are paid in full
  • Proof exists of the appropriate liability insurance

We are ready to help your business join the appropriate SRO:

  • Project design SRO
  • Exploration SRO
  • Construction  SRO

We offer the following SRO-related services:

  • Legally joining an SRO, including full support throughout the process
  • Preparation of all necessary documents
  • Recruiting services to identify and hire appropriate staff
  • Complete legal support after your company becomes an SRO member

Using our specialists will save you time and money.  With our help, you can expect to gain admission to an SRO in as little as 1-2 working days!

We can also help your business to become ISO certified, if your organization is not already certified.  ISO certification is becoming a standard prerequisite for membership in Russian SROs.   Let us know if we can help you get your ISO certification.

We have long standing relationships with the leading SROs in North West Russia.  As a result, we can negotiate with them on your behalf. This is especially important for various reserve funds (workers comp, unemployment insurance, SRO dues and fees, etc.)  In many cases, we can negotiate deferrals of up to 7 months, preserving your working capital.

At ‘Varshavsky and partners” we pride ourselves on our ability to make the SRO process smooth and convenient for our clients.